How to set Time of Day on a Gyrus driver


  • How to program a Gyrus driver to show Time of Day(TOD) when signal is removed.



  • Note: If using address plug on Gyrus driver it must be removed before the following steps. It can be reinstalled once these steps are completed.
  1. Shut off power to the scoreboard at the breaker or unplug power cord for indoor models.
  2. Access the scoreboard driver to which the clock digits are connected.  Refer to the component location drawings for the scoreboard your working on to find the location of the driver.
  3. At the bottom of the driver are two address dials labeled "H" and "L".
    • Make a note of the position of both dials as they will need to be returned to their exact positions later.
  4. Use a small flathead screwdriver to move both H & L address dials to the "F" position.  This will set the scoreboard driver to diagnostics mode.
  5. Reapply power to the scoreboard.  If the driver has successfully entered Diagnostics Mode, the "Run" LED (DS2) will be blinking at a fast rate, about four times per second.
  6. Rotate the L address dial to the "0" position.  The "232" LED (DS1) will blink to show a change has been made:
    1. Three blinks = Time of Day Enabled
    2. Two blinks = Time of Day Disabled
  7. To exit Diagnostics Mode, rotate the High address dial (H) to any value other than "F".  This step MUST be performed to save the Time of Day setting!
  8. Set both address dials back to their original positions as noted in step 3.  Note that the "Run" LED (DS2) will now be blinking slower, about once per second, and the scoreboard will finish the power-up sequence to operate as normal.
  9. To revert or remove the TOD setting within the driver, repeat the same steps and watch for the two blinks to indicate you have disabled TOD.
  • All Sport console will need to be left on and connected for approximately 1 minute for the driver to gather enough packets to select the correct protocol and keep TOD on the scoreboard.
  • To adjust the current Time of Day settings, refer to the operation manual of the All Sport control console in use.

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