VIP-5060 keeps setting itself to non-external display mode


  • VIP-5060 keeps returning / going back to non-external display mode by itself, but do not have any alerts indicating enclosure door has been opened when checking IDM history.
  • Display keeps going blank.
  • VIP not playing DVI or Video content.
  • Display showing default content instead of Visiconn content.
  • Verify the VIP is setup for Falling and not Low settings


  • VIP-5060
  • Billboard: DB-4200 series
  • Seen in firmware: 2014.09.26 b1008 & 2015.02.09-b1113


  • Noise from thermostat when exhaust fan in ISP enclosure shuts off will induce a voltage into the door switch wiring.


  • Install DB-4200 thermostat noise filter kit, p/n 0A-1690-8004.


KB ID: DD3035399

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