How to Create Commands for Spyder Using Data Studio and Display Studio


  • How can I use Display Studio to send commands to the Christie (Vista) Spyder X20 via Data Studio?


  • Product Family: 3rd Party Video Processors
  • Product: Spyder X20, Spyder X80, Spyder Studio
  • Components: Data Studio, Dedicated Triggers
  • Control System: 


  1. Ensure that the "Spyder External Control" Widget is installed in Data Studio:
    • NOTE: If the Spyder External Control Widget hasn't been installed in Data Studio, contact the Technical Helpdesk
      Data Server Settings.png
  2. Click the gear icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Spyder External Control tile
    • Set the Input Port to UDP 27000
    • Sign Number: Refer to DD3078712 for Daktronics Sign Numbering Standards
    • Output: UDP 11116
      Data Studio 2.png
  3. Ensure that Advanced Scripting is enabled in Display Studio by going to the Hub, mousing over Properties, and selecting Settings
  4. In the Settings dialog box, ensure that the checkmark is selected next to Advanced
  5. Create a new button in Display Studio. In step one, choose System Control
    Step 1.png
  6. Step two, choose Advanced
    Step 2.png
  7. Step three, choose Play
    Step 3.png
  8. Step four configure the following options:
    Step 4.png
    • Protocol: UDP/IP
    • Address:
    • Port: 27000
    • Sign Number: set to the sign that is configured in Data Studio, typically in 90-99 range
    • Drive Letter: Leave blank
    • Library: Leave blank
    • File: type in the command that you wish to send to the Spyder.
      • By looking at the Command Keys section of the Vista Advanced software, we can determine what scripts will be triggered. In this case, typing in "rsc 0 1 r" will display the DMP-8000 layer. If "rsc 1 1 r" were typed, the stats layer would be shown. The first number next to RSC (Recall Script Command) stands for the command you wish to trigger. Using '1' for the second number sends the command into "program" mode on the Spyder, making it live.  
      • If you are playing a command not on Page one as shown below, instructions in Spyder External Command Protocol show that you need to change the first number in the script so rsc 0 to include page number such as rsc 1000, rsc 2000, etc. 
      • To access registers on pages above the first page, add ( * 1000) to the register ID to be recalled. For example, to recall a script at register ID 2 on page 3, send a register ID of 3002.
        Spyder Buttons.png

      • NOTE: The Spyder works off a zero-based system, one number will need to be subtracted from the button number seen in the Vista Advanced Software, to the number inserted after the "rsc" command in Display Studio to trigger the proper button.
  9. Step five, select Number of Times and put 1 in the field
    Step 5.png
  10. Click Save and trigger the button, the Spyder will perform the action that was put in the command
    Finished Spyder Command.png

KB ID: DD3024708

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