Shot clock time blanks when press and hold reset button, FIBA mode enabled.


  • Shot clock time blanks while the reset button is pressed and held.
  • When clock is stopped​, releasing the reset button displays shot clock reset time.
  • When clock is running, releasing the reset button displays 1 second less on the shot clock, while shot clock reset setting is showing the correct value.  
    • For example:  the shot clock is resetting to 23 when All Sport is set to shot clock reset of 24.  Example 2:  Showing 34 seconds instead of 35 seconds.
    • ​Reason:  Shot clock is at 24.0 when the reset button is pushed, and the shot clock is blanked by FIBA setting.  When reset button is released shot clock is at 23.9.  


  • All Sport 5000 (version 4.1.0 or higher)
  • Shot Clock


  • ​FIBA Mode (for international rules) is enabled.


  1. Press <MENU>.
  2. Press down arrow key to MENU- MAIN EDIT SETTINGS.
  3. Press <ENTER/YES>.
  4. Press down arrow key to FIBA MODE Y/N?
  5. Press <NO>.
  6. Press <MENU> to exit.​

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