How to troubleshoot a Sportsound system when digital audio is not outputting, but analog audio is properly working


  • How to troubleshoot nothing audible coming out when switch is in "Digital/Off" mode on fiber conversion box, but when switch is turned to "Analog/On" mode audio is present/audible.
  • Digital audio is not outputting at all, but the analog audio is working properly.


  • Sportsound 500HD
  • Sportsound 1500HD
  • Sportsound 2000HD


  1. Connect a computer to the network switch, in the fiber box, and check to see if you have network connectivity to devices via CobraNet Discovery.  Follow Amplifier Communication for Speaker Power Amplifiers, DD2305415, Steps 1-5.
  2. If your amplifier devices are displaying, then troubleshoot the media converter
    1. For a Biamp system use TROUBLESHOOTING HUB: Biamp Audio EXPI/O-2 Input/Output Expander, DD3189328 as a guide.
    2. For an Emod system, use TROUBLESHOOTING HUB: Whirlwind EMOD CI2L, DD3569962, as a guide.
  3. ​If the media converter is configured correctly and passes the troubleshooting step
    1. ​Check that amplifier bundle numbers are set to 1, if not, follow DD216577
  4. If your amplifier devices are not displaying in CobraNet Discovery, and the Media Converter tests fine.
    1. Verify Fiber optic connection are terminated properly and cables are not damaged 
    2. Use MOXA EDS-205A-M-ST SETTINGS AND TROUBLESHOOTING, DD2497927 to verify switches on both ends are set correctly.
  5. If a device has failed view the following issue/resolution article: Sportsound; Digital audio is not working, analog audio is working, DD2913050.
  6. If a connection is the cause, create a new issue resolution article and provide a link to that article in step 4 of this article.

KB ID: DD3001018

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