Unable to Communicate to display, Faulty J16 communications port, Replace driver

Potential ​​Symptoms

  • No communication to sign.
  • Unable to change prices.
  • Display not responding to remote.
  • DS1 LED on driver for the Comm port (J16) status is not lighting or is steadily lit.
    • Normal operation when communication is detected is for the DS1 LED to blink or flash.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000, 4500​
  • Component: Driver J16 Communication input
  • Control System


  • Bad J16 com​m​unication input port on driver.​


  1. ​Replace driver.
  2. Synchronize the remote. ​​How do I Sync the Key Fob to the FL-3000/4500 Gas Price Display? DD2371987​
  3. Re-address the drivers. How do I set the display line numbers on FL-3000/4500 Gas Price Displays using a Key Fob? DD2374801

Work Around

  1. ​Swap driver with another on site.
  2. Synchronize​​​ the remote.
  3. Re-address the drivers.

KB ID: DD2896272

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