Diagnostics: Communication Failure on module, Blank module(s), Power cycle resolves

Potential Symptoms

  • Module is blank.
  • Potential poor image quality. Without power or a ProLink signal, the module is likely not displaying display data correctly.

IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • Communication Failure on module.
  • Missing Frame on module.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays, Video
  • Product: DB-6400, DB-4200, DB-4202, DB-4050, DB-4100, GS6, DVX
  • Component: Module
  • Control System: Visiconn, Venus Control Suite (VCS), Show Control, Display Studio


  • The module may have lost power or both ProLink signals.
  • The module may not be outputting the correct display data.


  1. Check the display's webcam to determine if there are visual issues.
  2. If failures are visible, verify that the module has power.
  3. Ensure that the A and B ProLink signals leading to the module are intact and functioning.
  4. Reseat SATA cables and power cycle the module.

KB ID: DD2878808

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