Vanguard V4 Database on separate servers


  • Can we install Vanguard Professional software database on a separate server?
  • During installation, can we install the database and application on separate servers?
  • Can we upgrade the database to SQL from SQL Express?


  • Vanguard V4 Professional Software
  • Remote server computer


  1. Yes, we have a couple of sites that have chosen to manage the database on a remote computer and use non-Express edition.  It is important to note that the responsibility of administering the database will be fully on their IT department in this scenario, however we will certainly assist where applicable.
    The following document gives some additional information.  If a customer wants to pursue this option, our software engineers would likely want to hold a conference call to give additional direction and answer any questions.Vanguard Remote Database.pdfVanguard Remote Database.pdf
  2. If SQL Express is used, the individual database is limited to 4 GB.
  3. We have two databases, one for the config/status/messages and one for server logging. The data one usually is very small.  the log one can get very large.
  4. The log database will "auto archive" old entries when it reaches something like 3 GB, those old entries get saved to a text file on the file system

Does SQL Server Express need to be installed on the client (Vanguard V4 Professional) as well as the server?





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