How to change the Community name in Vanguard Professional software


How to change the Community (string) name in Vanguard V4 Professional software


  • Vanguard V4 Professional Software


  1. Login to Vanguard V4 Professional software.
  2. Click on Tools tab.
    Tools Tab.PNG
  3. Click on System Configuration.
  4. Click on Manage NTCIP profiles.
    Manage NTCIP Profiles.PNG
  5. Click on the NTCIP profile to be edited.  Then click on Edit properties (bottom of window).
  6. Click on Edit the profile settings.
    edit profile.PNG
  7. Enter the desired Community names (Read-write) then click OK to save the changes.
    community name.PNG
  8. All signs configured with this NTCIP profile will need to have this same Community name.  

KB ID: DD2814826

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