How do I setup a TriCaster 460 to work with a VLink 1500 SSL?


  • Will a TriCaster 460 work with a VLink 1500?
  • How to setup a TriCaster 460 to work with a SportStar Live display.


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product: SportStar Live (SSL) video displays
  • Component: TriCaster 460 (TC-460), VLink 1500 SSL
  • Control System:


  1. Yes, a TC-460 will replace a TriCaster Studio in an SSL display setup.
    • This change of TriCaster models will in no way enhance the visual image pushed up to the display.  It is only a change to the TriCaster product.
  2. With power off to both devices, connect a cable from the HDMI Output of the TriCaster 460 to the DVI In on the VLink 1500.  (See images below.)
    • An HDMI to DVI adapter cable is required but not included with the SSL system or TriCaster 460. 
  3. Power up the VLink 1500 first, and once the boot sequence has finished on the display (or 3 min) power up the TriCaster.
  4. Setup a 480i(4x3) or 480i session in the TriCaster 460. The (4x3) version is for a 4:3 display, the plain 480i is for a 16:9 display.  
    *These are the only session formats that the VLink 1500 will accept.

TriCaster 460.png 

vlink 1500 connection description.png 

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