How do I setup a locally hosted Venus Control Suite system?


  • How do I configure a locally hosted Venus Control Suite system and get communication from the server to the DMP-8000?
  • How do I setup a local host Venus Control Suite system?


  • Product Family: Galaxy
  • Product: GS6
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite-VCS


Note: Verify there are no Venus 1500 v4 components or previous Venus Control Suite folders/files installed before attempting to install.  

  • On the Server/SCS Computer
    1.  If using a USB install select Install Venus Standalone and select CD start Application file.
      •  If NO USB then locate installer from or J:\Dak3024\027xxxxx\02735718 after verifying the location is using the locally hosted version of VCS.
    2. Run the "VenusControlSuite.exe" setup file 
    3. Once install finishes navigate to the User Portal.
      • Start > All Programs > Daktronics > Venus Control Suite
    4. Log in using the username and password from the previous step. 
      • Make note of the address being used in the browsers address bar, this is the address you will use when configuring the DMP/ VIP as well as the address used to access the VCS login page from other computers on the network
        • For example if the address bar shows https://computername:44300 you will use "computername" when configuring the DMP and "https://computername:44300" to log into the user portal from another computer.
    5. Enter a new password when prompted.
    6. Setup any additional user accounts desired.
    7. Create a display in VCS for the sign you are working on.
  • On the DMP-8050/ 8065

KB ID: DD2735179

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