Web Configuration page will not allow login, invalid security key


  • The web interface page loads, after the normal java permissions pop-ups.
  • Silverlight string errors present on the computer browser.
  • Tried Different computers and still can not log into the web interface page of the DMP-8000.
  • VNC into the DMP-8000 works.
  • Web interface page loads from inside the DMP-8000.
  • Java Security error when trying to login from inside the DMP-8000: "Webpage Blocked: Java security level set to high".
  • Disabling the Advanced Java plug-in causes the web interface page to not load properly.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Video, Message Displays
  • Product: GP3, DB-4000
  • Component: DMP-4060, VIP-4060
  • Control System:


  • Java will not load the web configuration page because the page does not contain a valid security key.


  1. Open the Java control panel.
  2. Click the security tab and change the security level to Medium (lowest level you can go).
  3. Restart the web browser.
  4. Open the web interface page.

KB ID: DD2714734

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