OmniSport 2000 w/ ENET will not communicate with Hy-Tek Meet Manager for Swimming.


  • OmniSport will not pass communication test in Meet Manager.
  • Meet Manager computer can ping the OmniSport IP address with good response time.
  • IP, Subnet, and Gateway all match network range between the Meet Manager computer and the OmniSport.


  • OmniSport 2000 w/ ENET (Newest version)
  • Hy-Tek Meet Manager 5.0Ce


  • Network enable for the MMR is set to OFF.


  • Per ED-13312 Section 5.12 change the following to NETWORK MMR: ON  (MENU-4-7-7)
    *If using OmniSport Pro Swimming/Diving software, ensure to set NETWORK PRO: ON.

Note: Additional information about possible problem see DD2635125.

KB ID: DD2704455

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