Wireless Horn Start 200 picking up interference


  • Interference when using the wireless belt pack with the HS-200. Clicking/Buzzing
  • Interference is present on every channel.
  • Interference is not present when connecting the mic hardwired to the HS-200
  • Interference is not present when the Wireless judges consoles are powered off completely.


  • 0A-1056-0235 - Wireless HS-200
  • 0A-1056-0134 - Wireless mic belt pack
  • Wireless RC-100 Judging consoles


  • Wireless RC-100s operate at 900Mhz (902-926Mhz) and they interfere with the Wireless Horn Start system which operates at 915Mhz.


  • Use the HS-200 Wireless microphone when the wireless diving consoles are not in use.

Work Around

  • Use the HS-200 with the microphone hardwired when using the Diving system.

KB ID: DD2682925

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