My wireless scoreboard is blank

​Follow the guidelines below to ensure optimal operating conditions of the radio system:

  • Verify an antenna is connected to both the console and the scoreboard, pointing straight up, and showing no signs of damage or deformity. If an antenna is damaged, click here to order a replacement.
  • Ensure there is no more than 500' (152 m) indoor and 1500' (457 m) outdoor between the console and the scoreboard. At the same time, ensure the minimum separation between a console antenna and scoreboard antenna is greater than 20' (6.1 m).

Follow the guidelines below to test communication to the scoreboard using a wireless console:

  • After verifying all of the above items, Ensure the console with radio installed can communicate to the scoreboard.  Refer to How to test wireless scoreboard communication, (DD3436183). Setting the console to BCAST 0, CHAN 00 is the master broadcast setting that should take control of every wireless scoreboard within range. Note that it may take up to 30 seconds for a scoreboard to connect.
  • If the scoreboard works with the master setting, cycle power to the scoreboard, look for the radio settings. Ensure the console is set to the same broadcast and channel number as the scoreboard. Refer to How to Determine My Scoreboard’s All Sport Radio Settings (DD2499093).  If multiple scoreboards are controlled with one console, refer to How can I control two scoreboards with one or more All Sport consoles, (DD2942804).
    • If the console set to the exact channel still does not work,
      • Ensure the console with radio installed is ON and set to the correct Sport Code for the scoreboard. Refer to What All Sport Code should I use for my scoreboard? (DD2257097).
      • Verify the scoreboard driver address is set correctly.  Refer to How do I set the address on my scoreboard, (DD2246897).
      • There may be interference –
        • Refer to My Wireless Scoreboard has Skipping, Blanking or Delays (DD2679433) for a list of obstacles that may interfere with radio waves and ideas for testing.
        • Try setting a new channel on the scoreboard receiver following How to Change Scoreboard Radio Receiver Settings (DD2122306), and then ensure the console matches the new radio receiver settings.
  • If the scoreboard does not work with the master setting, try the following if possible:
    • Move the console within 20' (6.1 m) of the scoreboard. If it starts to work at this distance, this can indicate a problem with interference or the antenna(s).
    • Use the same console on another scoreboard, or use another console on the same scoreboard. If the console works with another scoreboard, the radio receiver in the original scoreboard may need to be replaced; if a different console works with the same scoreboard, the original console may need to be replaced.
  • If the control console does connect to the scoreboard but there is skipping, blanking or delays, refer to My Wireless Scoreboard has Skipping, Blanking or Delays (DD2679433).

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