How do I enter team names into the All Sport 5000 console?


  • Team name message center (TNMC) showing Home and Guest, how do I change it to display school names?
  • How do I set the TNMC to display school names?
  • How to enter team names into the All Sport 5000 console.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: TNMC, Scoreboard
  • Component:
  • Control System: All Sport 5000


  1. Press <Menu>.
  2. Press the <Down Arrow> key until LCD shows "Menu - Roster - Select Home".
  3. Press <Enter>.
  4. LCD will show "Home - Team Name", under that will be the previous name with the first letter underlined and a start at the end of the row.
  5. Press <Columns> and <Rows> buttons at the top of the keyboard that match/equal the size of your TNMC's.  The default is 48 columns and 8 rows.
  6. Select <Single> or <Double> stroke font at the top of the keyboard.  The default font is single stroke.
  7. Now enter the Team Name using the keyboard under the insert or the TNMC insert.
    • Letters are capital by default.  To access Alternate Narrow fonts, press the <Shift> key before pressing a letter key. A lowercase letter is shown on the LCD to represent the Alternate Narrow characters.
    • If a bold font is required the <Double Stroke> key can be pressed.
  8. Once home team name is entered, press <Enter>.
  9. LCD will show "Home - Team ABBR".
  10. Enter either the team name again or a short abbreviation of the team name.
  11. Press <Enter>.
  12. Press <Menu> to return to game information.  Home team name is now saved.
  13. Repeat steps 1-12 for Guest Team Name. LCD will show "Menu - Roster - Select Guest".
  14. Team names will be saved in the console until a new game or new code is entered.

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