Standard Video: TriCaster will not output to a DMP-8000, Wrong fps setting

Potential Symptoms

  • TriCaster will not capture on the DMP-8000, but the TriCaster will output to a monitor from the program out.'
  • May have recently updated from a TriCaster Studio (e.g. TC-350) to a newer model TriCaster and the new model will not capture video.


  • Product Family: Standard Video
  • Product: NewTek TriCaster 450/455/460/860/TC-1
  • Component: Black Magic Capture Device
  • Control System: Show Control (SCS)


  • DMP-8000 vmpl "format" setting does not match the TriCaster output.


  1. Set the hdmi_720p.vmpl file to match the TriCaster source as follows:
    • TriCaster 4XX,8XX, TC-1 = "720p59.94"/> (These TriCaster models use the TriCaster output card).
    • TriCaster Studio = "720p60"/>  (Typically the Studio uses a standard video card, 60 hz.  However, if you have a TC Studio and video will not capture from it try 59.94hz also because TC did not always put 60hz cards in the Studio).
  2. Example of a correct file for a TriCaster 4XX/8XX/TC-1:
    DMP-8000 hdmi_720p vmpl.jpg

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