Is there anyway to suspend a particular playlist or entire schedule in Venus 1500 v4?


  • Is there a way to suspend one or more playlists or an entire schedule in the Venus 1500 V4 software for certain time period or day?  
  • Is there a way to temporarily stop a schedule or override a schedule with a particular message?


  • Venus 1500 V4


  • Venus 1500 V4 does not have any direct built-in methods for suspending a particular playlist or entire schedule.


  1. Duplicate the display in Venus 1500 Version 4.
    1. Go to Orange V in the upper left.
    2. Click Configure.
    3. Select Add a Display.
    4. Manually configure an identical display.
    5. Name it something intuitive (e.g.: "Schedule Interrupt", "Emergency Messages", etc...).
  2. This will allow for two entirely separate schedules to be managed in Venus 1500 Version 4.
  3. The original display will be used for normal operation, but the duplicated one will be used to send a temporary/interim schedule and overwrite the current one on the display (e.g. could be used to display a message like "School Closed Due to Weather").
  4. When switching from one display to another, push Publish To Display to resume first playlist or to begin second.

Note: One might do this order to play a holiday message or an emergency message on a particular day and then resume normal playlists later. 

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