Sentinel RMS License Manager fails to install


  • When attempting to install Vanguard V4 Professional, receive error message box:  The installation of Sentinel RMS License Manager 8.3.0 has failed.  Setup will now exit.
  • Attempted to install Vanguard with Prerequisites and still receiving the error.

sentenial error.PNG


  • Vanguard V4 Professional on virtual server (not C drive)


  • The Sentinel Licensing install error is regardless of version #, basically they don't have Internet connection OR there firewall is still preventing it to be downloaded.


  1. Extract files.
  2. Run setup.exe.
  3. Is this computer intended to be a client only or server also?
  4. If client only, then Sentinel Licensing and SQL Server is not needed, be sure to select the Client only option in the Vanguard installer.
  5. If server also, will it have local database or connect to the remote database?
  6. If remote database, be sure to select custom and no database option in the Vanguard installer.

KB ID: DD2552474

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