Prices not changing correctly or are changing together, Line mapping incorrect

Potential Symptoms

  • Price is changing with a different line than it should (i.e. changing price for line 1, a display on line 2 is changing).
    • Regular gas prices showing on the Diesel line.
    • Diesel price showing on the Regular Gas Lines.
    • May occur after HOST driver is replaced.
  • Multiple product lines show same price and are changing together.
  • Drivers for same fuel product are showing different prices or different Line mapping assignments (L01/L02, etc).
  • Gas prices are flipped or backwards.
  • One side will change the other will not.
  • Line addressing mode and POST shows 2 or more drivers have the same line address.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000, FL-4500, Gas, Petroleum, or Fuel Price Display, Fuelight
  • Component: Driver hardware address
  • Control System: FLR3-100, FLR3-400, FLD3-2000, FLR3-1500, DM-100


  • Line mapping is not setup correctly on all displays.
    • Multiple drivers have the same Line assignment.


KB ID: DD2514644

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