How do I focus a Panasonic webcam with a fisheye lens?


  • How do I focus a Panasonic webcam with a fisheye lens?


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  • Components:  Panasonic camera
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  1. Log into the Axis Video Server for the webcam.
  2. Load the live view of the webcam for assisting in adjusting.


  1. Unscrew the two screws to open the lid to the webcam.
  2. Verify that the Wide-Telle Thumb Screw is all the way to wide.
  3. Move the thumb screw back towards "Telle" until the inside of the camera lens is no longer visible but are still able to see the whole display.
    • Note - It may be possible that no adjustment allows the whole display to be viewed depending on the webcam arm length and where it is mounted.
  4. Move the front thumb screw all the way to far.
  5. Observe the webcam view while slowly moving the front thumb screw away from far towards near, this should begin to make the image more clear.
  6. Utilize the following based on camera model for fine tune adjustments.
    • For CP284 cameras utilize the grey wheel up against the camera body.
    • For CP314 cameras utilize the silver metal thumbscrew on the right hand side of the camera body.
  7. Final result should be provide a clear picture and show the entire display (or close to it) with a minimal amount of the inside of the lens or camera housing showing.

fish eye 1.PNG camera fish eye2.png

fisheye bbad.jpgfisheye bgood.jpg

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