Horn not sounding after installation, 120VAC not reaching horn interface card.

Potential Symptoms

  • When installing horn kit, P101 does not match up with J101
  • Horn not sounding
  • Horn interface card has no power
  • Newly installed outdoor trumpet horn kit
  • Horn does not sound when activated by the All Sport console.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Outdoor scoreboard manufactured prior to December 2006
  • Components: Outdoor Trumpet Horn Kits: 0A-1091-1213  12 VDC model (has transformer and bridge rectifier), 0A-1091-0469, 0A-1192-1112, 0A-1647-0072  120 VAC model
  • Control System:


  •  120VAC not getting to J1 of the Horn Interface Card


  • Contact Daktronics Technical Support to order an additional harness kit.
    • United States & Canada 1-800-325-8766
    • Outside US & Canada +1-605-697-4000
    • Or submit a Service Request form and reference this article.

For Temporary Operation

There are two options in the Horn Kits that could be used to gain a spare harness with a 2 pin male MNL connector to provide 120VAC into J1 of the horn interface card and they are:

Option #1 - For a scoreboard with a J42 connector in the driver enclosure:

  1. Turn the main power to the scoreboard off.
  2. Locate J42 in the driver enclosure.
  3. Use the 0A-1782-0229; 5 Pin Interconnect, Horn Power "Y" Harness and plug P42 of the harness into J42 of the driver enclosure.
  4. Plug the 2 Pin male MNL connector from the "Y" harness into J1 of the Horn Interface card.
  5. A visual of the above steps can be seen in the below picture.  The picture is an example of a 12VDC Horn setup. 
    J42 horn harness.jpg

 Option #2 - For a Scoreboard without a J42 connector in the driver enclosure:

  1. Turn the main power to the scoreboard off.
  2. Find a spare harness, if available, with a 2 pin Mate-N-Lock plug(male).
  3. Cut off the connector on the other end of the harness, the end that does not have the 2pin male MNL connector.
  4. Connect the bare wires of your new harness to 120VAC.
    • This may require bare wires be connected directly to the incoming power terminal block
    • Or this may require bare wires be connected using wire nuts to wires that carry a constant 120VAC
  5. Connect the 2 pin MNL plug(male) into J1 of the horn interface card.
  6. Verify your wiring is correct using DWG-328919 found in the Trumpet Horn Installation Manual, ED-10006.
Note: For simplicity sake, think of the Horn Interface Card as a relay.  J2 is the trigger(coil).  J1 is the switch input voltage(120VAC). J3 is the switch output voltage (to the horn).

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