How do I create background colors for overlay mode in Venus 7000?


  • How do I create background colors for overlay mode in Venus 7000?​


  • Product Family: Video Processor
  • Product: VLink-4400, VIP-4400, VLink-4500, VIP-4500, Venus 7000, DMP-7000
  • Components: ​Key colors for overlay mode
  • Control System: DMP-7000


  1. In the V7000 Shell, click on the Edit icon.
  2. In the V7 Sequence Designer, go to File>New or click on the new file button on the toolbar.
  3. Name the file the channel and color you extend to make the background for (Ch1 Green 247), click OK to create the file and go back to the main Sequence Designer window with the newly created image.
  4. On the color Pallet toolbar, double-click on the top left color box.
  5. On the Edit Pattern window that opens, adjust the sliders to match the same color used in the VLink settings for that channel, an example of this would be red and blue at 0 and green at 247, once the color is set correctly, click on OK.

    Note: the following are common overlay colors:
    • Channel 1: Red=0 Green=247 Blue=0
    • Channel 2: Red-247 Green=0 Blue=0
    • Channel 3: Red=0 Green=0 Blue=247
    • Channel 4: Red=129 Green=129 Blue=0
  6. select the fill icon and click anywhere in your blank canvas to fill the entire canvas with the color.
  7. Click the Save button on the top to save the changes, then close window within the Sequence Designer, failing to close this window before trying to link to this file during script creation will result in an error.
  8. Repeat the steps 2-7 for each overlay color that you need.
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KB ID: DD2259511

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