How do I set the address on a LED scoreboard driver?


  • How do I set the address on a LED scoreboard driver?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Component: Driver, 0P-1192-0126, 0127 - Legacy, 0P-1192-0383, 0384, 0391, 0392 - Legacy, 0P-1150-0130, 0131 - Legacy, 0A-1782-0100 - Gyrus, 0P-1388-0100, 0101 - ColorSmart, 12-pin fully loaded address plug - 0A-1150-0064
  • Control System:


  1. The address plug is installed on a driver board so the driver knows what information to pull from the controlling console.
  2. Only one method of setting the address should be used.
  3. There are 3 different ways to set an address on a Daktronics scoreboard driver.  The method in which you set the address will vary depending on the driver being used.
  4. Method #1: Address Plug
    1. Remove the address plug in J19 from the old driver and install it in J19 on the new driver.
    2. When setting an address using this method the address is being set in binary.
    3. 12-Pin_Address_Plug_1-128_00115078[1].pdf.
    4. address plug 129_255 00115079.pdf.
    5. A "1" will indicate the wire should remain connected and "0" will indicate the wire should be snipped/cut.
    6. Say for instance the scoreboard is a BA-618 which uses address 61. 
    7. The blue, pink, tan, orange, and brown wires, which correspond to pins 9, 8, 6, 5, and 2, will not be cut.
    8. The black, violet, and red wires will be cut which correspond to pins 12, 11, and 3.
  5. Method #2: Dip Switches
    1. Set dip switches, located next to J19, on the new driver to match those on the old driver.
    2. When setting an address using this method the address is being set in binary.
    3. dip switch address 1_128 00290261.pdf.
    4. dip switch address 129_255 00290689.pdf.
    5. When setting an address, switch SW1 corresponds to decimal=1, SW2= decimal 2, SW3= 4, SW4 =8, SW5 = 16, SW6 = 32, SW7 = 64, SW8 = 128.
    6. For address 61, switches SW 6, 5, 4, 3, 1 would be used.
    7. So address 61 = SW1 + SW3 + SW4 + SW5 + SW6 = 1 + 4, + 8 + 16 + 32 = 61.
    8. To engage a dip switch, press it down (when in the up position, it is set to off).
    9. For top mount/rocker style switches, rock the switch towards the number to engage it using a paper clip or another small tool(i.e. depress switch on the number side, number side down sets that switch to 1=On).  A picture of this style switch is included on the above drawings.
    10. For side mount style switches, move the switch down to engage it (sets that switch to 1=On).  Below picture shows an address=61.
      1. Legacy side mount dip switch 3.JPG 
  6. Method #3: Rotary Switches
    1. Set H and L dials, located next to J19,  to the correct address for a Gyrus driver.
    2. When setting an address using this method the address is being set in hexadecimal.
    3. Address Table; Rotary Switches H and L, DWG-01198765.
    4. For address 61, the H switch will be set to 3 and the L switch will be set to D. 
    5. If the Legacy driver being replaced uses an address plug, ensure the rotary switches are set to zero and install the address plug in the Gyrus driver and verify address during P.O.S.T.

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