Entire scoreboard or section is not lighting, Failed power supply

Potential Symptoms

  • Top half of scoreboard is lighting, but there is nothing on the bottom half.
  • Half of scoreboard does not light up or is blank.
  • One of the power supplies connected to driver that the blank digits are connected to is outputting 0VDC.
    • Utilize the appropriate driver digit designation DWG to determine if symptom 1 or symptom 2 match the visual issue?
      1. Digits corresponding to columns 1-8 on the driver are blank.
        • Fan is not running on driver enclosure.
        • 0VDC on pins 12 and 10 on J17 (Driver).
      2. Digits corresponding to columns 9-16 on the driver are blank.
        • Fan is running on driver enclosure.
        • 0VDC on pins 11 and 7 on J17 (Driver).
      3. A group of described items on the scoreboard that may be out together are: At Bat, Balls, Strikes, Out.
  • Entire scoreboard is blank, not responding to any test or POST. 
    • Newer scoreboards have 1 single power supply instead of 2 smaller power supplies. 


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: LED scoreboard
  • Component: Power supply
  • Control System:


  • Failed power supply.
    • Note:  If either power supply is working, the driver will be getting its necessary 5 VDC logic power.  (i.e. operation power = green pwr light should be on).


  • Replace power supply.

For Temporary Operation

  • If scoreboard has multiple power supplies they can be swapped if digits run by the other power supply are more important than the other.

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