Need replacement for 16 pin J-box

Potential Symptoms

  • The pins on the 16 pin J-box connector are pushed out the back of the connector.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: AS-4000 Console
  • Component: 25 pin to 16 pin cable, 16 pin J-box
  • Control System:


  •  Normal wear and tear.


  1. The 16 pin J-Box is no longer FRU and will not be sent out.
  2. Replace with the 25 pin J-Box and the 25 to 25 pin cable.
  3. Order the following part numbers.
    • INDOOR - 0A-1067-0056 J-BOX, 25 PIN CHTS-300 TIM​ER  @ 1
    • OUTDOOR - 0A-1196-0014  J-BOX; 25 PIN OUTDOOR @ 1
    • DB25 Male to DB25 Male cable
      • ​At required length - therefore cable part number can vary
  4. See DD2127394 How to convert a 16 pin J-box to 25 pin J-box for swapping the J-Box wiring.

KB ID: DD2204873

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