Display blank, unable to access player computer; Failed computer

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to connect to computer remotely using VNC.
  • Unable to ping computer.
  • iBootBar Auto Ping showing red for computer.
  • Display blank.
  • HD light on DMP and/or VIP may not be lit.
  • Controller does not show that it is receiving DVI signal.
    • VLink 1500 - DVI source shows "NOT PRESENT".
    • VIP 4060 - Input format shows "0x0x0".
    • VIP 5060 - Video shows "Source not available".
  • Power cycling the computer does not bring it back.
IDM Symptom
  • Communication Failure event on DMP in IDM.
  • No Content event on VLink/VIP in IDM.


  • Product Family: Control System, Video, Billboards
  • Product: DB-4100, DB-4200
  • Component: VNet (DMP-8000), DMP-8065, DMP-5050
  • Control System:


  • The computer has failed.


  • Replace the computer.

KB ID: DD2200711

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