Settings to slow fragmentation on M2/M3 controller


  • The controller is not responding and we aren't able to communicate to the display through the Ethernet port.
  • Controller locks up and can't talk to the sign anymore.


  • Galaxy AF Display
    • M2 or M3 Controller
  • M2Config software
  • 3rd party software


  1. Open M2 Config Software.
    1. Locate the Configuration tab.

    2. Navigate to the File System sub menu.

    3. Set Version 1 File Storage to Use volatile storage.

    4. Enable the Playlist Write Interval and set to 86400 seconds.

    5. Navigate to Clock  on the left of the screen.

    6. Change Clock Source to On Board RTC.

    7. Reset the controller by using the blue down arrow at the top of the screen. this will save the changes.

  2. If fragmentation continues verify that the messages are getting sent to the VOLATILE directory.

    • If you do not specify the volatile directory, messages will automatically be sent to the DEFAULT directory, which can cause fragmentation of the flash memory over time. 

    • Use M2config to verify that that the message is getting sent the VOLATILE directory. 

  3. If further troubleshooting is required. Please contact tech support at 1-800-833-3157. or

KB ID: DD2197679

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