How do I change the logo on the All Sport CG's bug graphic bar


  • How do I change the logo on the All Sport Character Generator's (All Sport CG) bug graphic bar​?
  • How do I place our logo or image on the All Sport CG's bug i​n the video feed?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: ​All Sport CG​ & All Sport CG HD
  • Component: 
  • Control System: 


All Sport CG Model(SD/composite input)

All Sport CG HD Model (HD/HDMI input)

  • Refer t​o Appendix B of the The All Sport CG HD Manual (DD3199099) ​for instructions on how to download a new bitmap file to the All Sport CG.
    • Files need to be saved using a bmp 24-bit file format.
    • Pixel Width: 240, Pixel Height: 48
    • For All Sport CG HD models, the file size is no longer critical (i.e. no longer susceptible​ to color shifts); typical file size ~ 33.8 KB.
  • Default bitmap file on the All Sport CG HD:
    • ASCG 48x240.bmp

KB ID: DD2194337

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