HS-200 when starting a race sounds like a gun shot


  • HS-200 when starting a race sounds like a gun shot.


  • HS-200 wired or wireless


  • The start sound configuration was changed.


From page 7 in the HS-200 Manual, ED-12935:

  1. Plug the handheld microphone directly into the MIC jack on the HS-200.
  2. To access the setup mode, turn the power switch to ON. Immediately after the BATTERY FULL and BATTERY LOW LEDs flash, press the PUSH TO TALK lever four times.
  3. The four LED indicators on the horn start will flash and the speaker will sound the current setting. This sound will be either the tone or the gunshot.
  4. To change the setting, press the PUSH TO TALK button. Every time that button is pushed, it will move to a different setting.
  5. To save the current setting, press and hold the PUSH TO TALK button while pressing the top button twice. The LEDs should stop flashing.

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