Setting up Channels on VIP 4400 or 4500


How do you configure a VIP 4400 or 4500?


  • Product Family: Video Processor
  • Product: VIP-4000, VLink-4000, VLink-4400, VIP-4400, VIP-4500, VLink-4500
  • Components: 
  • Control System: DMP-7000​


A) Select the VLink button the Venus 7000 shell.

B) Select the sign that the VLink/VIP is attached to.
Note: If you are not sure what sign it is attached to, you will then need to go to V7000 Shell > Configuration > Signs > scroll over to the VLink column and you will see what signs have VLinks attached.
C) Select the channel that you want to configure from the VLink Channel drop down box.
D) Then select the video input that you are bringing in the video signal from the Input drop down box. You can have different video inputs on different channels. Ex: Channel 1: SDI 1, Channel 2: SDI 2, etc.
Note: To check to see what ports are active > you can select the "Get Status"
E)The Data Source is for either playing out Venus, Video, Overlay, etc.
F) Select the Details button to show more options for the channels.
G) Then enter the values into the Viewable area boxes. Those are for the video source coming into the VLink.
H) Then enter the Window Area values for the display size or for the window size that you are playing the video onto.
I) The next thing is to setup the key colors if you are doing overlay. The color options are red, green, and blue. You have to use a different color for different channels. 
Ex: Channel 1: Red = 0, Green=247 Blue = 0
      Channel 2: Red = 247, Green = 0, Blue = 0
Channel 3: Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 247
Channel 4: Red = 128, Green = 128, Blue = 0
J) Then once the video is showing on the display, you may have to do some adjustments to the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation by moving the sliders from side to side.
K) Once you are all finished changing settings, it would be a good idea to backup the settings, just in case something was to go wrong and it has to be replaced. If you save them, then you wont loose all your work. 
       1) Select Channel from the VLink channel drop down.
       2) At the bottom of the VLink control, click the save configuration button. 
       3) A dialog box will open asking you where you want to save the configuration and what you want to name it. Name it with today's date and the channel number. 
       4) Continue for each channel that you would like to backup.

L) To restore settings that you previously saved
       1) Select the channel that you are restoring 
       2) Select the Send Configuration button at the bottom of the VLink controller
       3) A dialog box will come up asking you where the file is located. Choose the file that you want to restore the settings. Normally it is a *.vlc.
        4) Continue for each channel that you want to restore.
M) Note: You can use the VLink debugger (Start >> All Programs >> Venus 7000 >> Venus 7000 Tools >> V7 VLink Debug) or a terminal program
Note: You can find a list of commands in the VLink Manual. Reference: VLink (VIP) 4500 = ED-16594 or VIP 4400 = DD1709843
) Find the commands in section 9 of the 4400 manual and Section 8 of the 4500 manual


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