Digit color does not display correctly on a ColorSmart scoreboard, Firmware issue

Potential Symptoms

  • ColorSmart scoreboard not displaying correct digit colors.
  • Home Team score is staying amber on ColorSmart scoreboard everything else is changing in color as supposed too.
  • One scoreboard  in a 3 scoreboard facility displays amber for high score instead of green.
  • One digit segment staying yellow when it should be changing to green.
  • Update firmware on driver and problem goes away until power cycle.
  • Driver swapped with another known working board, problem followed the "bad" scoreboard.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: BB-31xx, Radio or wire communication
  • Component: Scoreboard driver with 2.2 or less firmware
  • Control System: AS-5500


  • Firmware


Note: It does not hurt to check the settings in the All Sport 5500 to verify the color settings.

  1. If the driver firmware is updated and the issue is not resolved try following: ColorSmart scoreboard/shot clock/stat panel/TNMC/Electronic Captions have blank digits, incorrect/missing data, DD2922269.  If DD2922269 resolves the issue please link that article in the case. 
  2. If digit color issues persist with driver firmware version 2.3 or greater, escalate the call so that engineering can get involved.

For Temporary Operation

  • Power cycle scoreboard until digits display correct colors.

KB ID: DD2166028

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