How do I upload Pictures or Videos to Visiconn?


  • How to upload Pictures or Videos to Visiconn?
  • How do I upload creative in Visiconn?


  • Visiconn


  1. Login to Visiconn at
  2. From top menu, go to Upload Files and Select the Silverlight Uploader.
    • Note: If this is your first time utilizing the Silverlight Uploader, you will need to allow your computer to download the program. Simply select Run when prompted each time.
    • Note: You do not need to be in a specific account to upload content. The Uploader allows you to choose the account you need to upload the content to.
  3. Click Browse Files.
  4. Browse for the file you wish to upload.
    • Note: You can select multiple files by holding the [CTRL] key down and clicking on multiple files to highlight with your mouse.
  5. Once the file(s) is selected, click Open. The file will then appear in the upload list.
  6. Click Upload Files.
  7. An "Upload Complete" message will appear under the file(s) when upload is completed.
    • Note: The Uploader will give you an error if the file is corrupt or doesn't meet requirements.
  8. Click Close when completed.

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