Gen. 2 Serial Radios, No "In Range" light lit on the radios, Jumper installed on wrong pins

Potential Symptoms

  • Not able to change the price on a gas display or not able to communicate to a Galaxy display.
  • Client Radio has no signal strength or only 1 bar of signal strength.
  • Both Server and client radio have no in-range LED lit.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays, Message Displays
  • Product: FL-2000, FL-2100, FL-2109, FL-2300, FL-4000, DF-2000, DF-2009, DF-2100, DF-2109, DF-2300, DF-4000, AF-3150, AF-3160, AF-3165, AF-3180, AF-3190, AF-3197, AF-3200, AF-3400
  • Component:  Gen. 2 Serial Radios, FLR-1500 (Wireless communication)
  • Control System:


  • The jumper is not installed properly on the server or client radio.


  1. Place the jumper accordingly.
    • Client Radios are set by jumper covering both pins.
    • Server Radios are set by jumper only covering one pin.
  2. Power cycle the radio for the new settings to take affect.

KB ID: DD2155974

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