Galaxy, Serial fiber, No communication, RX LED is lit solid on signal converter; Cable damaged

Potential Symptoms

  • No communication between computer and display.
  • The RX LED on the signal converter is lit Orange or Amber even though cables are properly connected at the signal converter.
  • Communication progress windows does appear but there is no packet transfer (V3), but loopback test on the fiber run to the sign passes indicating the fibers are good.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy
  • Component: Serial, Fiber communication
  • Control System: Venus 1500 V3, V4


  • Com Box cable with 6-pin Quick Connect (QC) connection has been chewed through or damaged by rodent or other animal activity.


  • Replace cable between Com Box and input QC card on display.

KB ID: DD2145196

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