How do I upload backup files from IDM onto a VIP 4060 or VIP 5060?


  • How do I upload backup files from IDM onto a VIP4060 or VIP5060?


  • Product Family:  Billboards, Video, Control Systems
  • Product:
  • Components:  VIP-4060 or VIP-5060
  • Control System:  IDM


stopsign.jpgThe steps outlined, if performed incorrectly, may result in equipment failure. Do not attempt these steps without proper training and understanding of product operation. Consult a Daktronics support technician if you need assistance.


The steps outlined below will be performed using the Silverlight VIP web interface.

  1. Find the display in IDM and click on it to view the module map page.
  2. Navigate to the "Display" tab and then "Configuration Backups" from the drop down.
  3. In the list find the most current "Configuration.xml" under Xml files and "TranslationTable.hex" files under Hex files, click on them to download to you PC.
  4. Locate the files downloaded on your computer and zip them.
    • This can done by highlighting both files and then right clicking on one and choosing "Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder".
    • Note: It is important that there are two files named EXACTLY "Configuration.xml" and "TranslationTable.hex" for a VIP-5060 or it will not accept the configuration.
  5. Connect to the VIP using the web interface.
  6. Enter the password (if applicable) and click on Log In.
  7. Click on the Configuration tab.
  8. From the menu at the left click the "Load display configuration backup".
  9. In the window that opens browse to the folder that was just zipped and click open.
  10. Verify that you are able to connect to the VIP using the IP from the configuration and that content plays correctly.
    • If content doesn't display correctly manually load the translation table from the display section of the configuration tab.

KB ID: DD2144406

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