The console buttons are not exhibiting the corresponding function, wrong insert

Potential Symptoms

  • The buttons on the console are doing strange things, not doing what is expected.
  • When the score +1 is pressed the score decrements.
  • Scoreboard responds to the console but the score/time does not show up correctly.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Component: Console Sport insert
  • Control System: All Sport Console


  • The console has the wrong sport insert.


  • Use the sport insert that matches the code being used.
    • Example: For an All Sport 5000 series console using code 1101 the basketball overlay is the correct insert.  

For Temporary Operation

  • If the correct insert can not be located, a full scale drawing of the insert is located in the back of the console manual and can be printed to scale and cut out for temporary use until insert is found or ordered.

KB ID: DD2136299

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