Switch accounts drop-down or other Silverlight components do not load in Visiconn; Silverlight corrupted

Potential Symptoms

  • Switch accounts drop-down or other Silverlight components do not load in Visiconn or generate error, while other component work properly.
  • Silverlight Uploader will not load and shows a Red X.
  • Network Awareness wont load.
  • When attempting to use the Upload Files/Silverlight Uploader the screen just spins saying Loading Libraries with hour glass.


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product: Visiconn
  • Component: Windows 7, Mac OS, Internet Explorer version 11, Mozilla Firefox version 47.0.1, Safari version 11.1
  • Control System:


  • The Microsoft Silverlight is not installed or corrupted or the Web Browser Cookies/Cache need to be cleaned out.


  1. Uninstall of the Silverlight might be required if already installed and it is corrupted.
    • To Uninstall Microsoft Silver Light, go to Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel.
    • Locate Microsoft Silverlight and click Remove or Uninstall
  2. Install Microsoft Silverlight.
  3. Click Download Now.
  4. Click Save or Run the Silverlight installer.
  5. Clear the Web Browser Cookies/Cache.
  6. Close the web browser completely.
  7. Open the web browser, and use Visiconn as normal.

For Temporary Operation

KB ID: DD2124681

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