How to hook up the DC Injector or PoE for Ethernet Bridge Radios


  • How do I hook up the DC Injector for Ethernet Bridge Radios?


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy, GalaxyPro, GPx
  • Component: Ethernet Bridge Radios (EBRs), DC Injector (DCI)
    • Note: The DC Injector is also called a PoE (Power over Ethernet) device.
  • Control System:


  1. Connect the DCI's IN port directly to the computer or network switch:
    1. Older DCIs will be labeled "Data In."
    2. Newer DCIs will be labeled "Switch Hub."
  2. Connect the DCI's OUT port to the server radio:
    1. Older DCIs will be labeled "P+Data Out."
    2. New DCIs will be labeled "RJ45."


Note: The total cable length from the computer or network to the server radio cannot exceed 300 feet.

KB ID: DD2099766

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