Wired scoreboard is not responding to the console, Console output bad

​​Potential Symptoms

  • Scoreboard is not responding to the console but driver shows power LED is solid and status LED is blinking.
  • Scoreboard or clock is not responding when console connected, but the RX LED lights up on the driver.
  • J1, J2, or J3 on the back of the console have less then 6VDC of signal.
  • J1, J2, or J3 on the back of the console are physically broken.
  • J4, J7 stop start or shot clock handheld port not functioning.
  • Scoreboard is blank.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: LED Scoreboard
  • Component: All Sport console output/s
  • Control System: All Sport 5000, All Sport 4000, All Sport 3000, All Sport 1600


  • Failed output port on the console.


  • Replace or repair All Sport console.

For Temporary Operation

  • Use a different output.
    • If using 25 pin output, use alternate, available pin set.
      • CL output 1 = pins 14 & 15.
      • CL output 2 = pins 16 & 17.
      • CL output 3 = pins 18 & 19.
        • Verify voltage at the next available pin set as it is possible for one output to fail while the other two remain useable.
        • For specific details on the pinouts of the All Sport, please refer to it's Operation Manual.

KB ID: DD2098850

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