When connecting with M2Config get "The Xml document cannot be loaded because it is not well formed.....try again"

Potential ​Symptoms

  • Venus 1500 v4 symptoms:
        • Receiving ALL three of the following alerts when launching Venus 1500 v4 or when the software connects to the display:
          • Alert 1: There was an error reading from the pipe: Unrecognized error 109 (0x6d)
          • Alert 2: There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/Daktronics/Nucleus/V1500OperationService that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.
          • Alert 3: There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been ended. (109, 0x6d).
            • DD2129694 2.jpg
      • Venus 1500 v4 Crashes when trying to click anything in the software and gives error:
        • "Venus 1500 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
        • DD2129694 1.jpg
        • Restarting the services does not repair software crashing.
        • Removing all the ".exe.config" files and running a repair on Venus 1500 does nothing.
  • M2CONFIG Symptoms:
    • Connecting to the controller with M2Config may give an error: "The Xml document cannot be loaded because it is not well formed.....try again"
    • It does appear that M2Config does connect, status tab fills in but the configuration tab shows the above error and then reverts to the black Xml page but it is blank
    • Unable to view the configuration settings in M2Config.
    • "Config.XML" file is 0 bytes in M2Config on the file transfer tab.
  • WINDOWS 10
    • When connecting to the controller with M2Config, no errors are thrown and status tab shows full content.
    • Controller settings on the left box of M2Config will not allow any changes, every option is grayed out.
    • When clicking on the upload button, one of three things can happen:
      1. M2Config will crash with no errors.
      2. M2Config will crash with an error stating M2config stopped working.
      3. M2Config will state "The configuration has been changed. Would you like to save changes?" and then will crash when "Yes" is clicked.
    • Config.xml in the file transfer tab shows 0kb as the file size.


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Software
  • Product: Galaxy, AF-3500, AF-3550, Emulator, Electronic Message Center (EMC) or Board (EMB), Marquee, Readerboard
  • Component: M2 or M3 controllers
  • Control System: M2Config Software


  • CONFIG.XML file is not formed correctly, has an issue, or was the wrong one.


Re-Load the correct configuration file onto the controller through M2Config.

  1. Download M2Config: Follow How to download & install the M2Config Utility on your computer, DD2059662 .
  2. Click on one of these (CONFIG.XML) and Save to Desktop (Right click the link, Save Target As. If this option is not available try a different browser).
    • M2 Controller (CONFIG.XML) File. This config file will set the controller to a static IP -

    • M3 Controller (CONFIG.XML) File. This config file will set the controller to a static IP -

  3. This file will need to be transferred to the computer that is connected to the display. (Save it to the Desktop).

    • You can edit the new config file to the needed IP address, subnet, and gateway so you don't loose communication on a display that is networked. Otherwise the display will be changed to the default IP address.

    • Don't worry about changing the display size or any other details that wont affect communication at this point. That is covered in step 8.

  4. Delete the Display CONFIG.XML file from the list on the right. Move the CONFIG.XML from the computer over to the display - this should replace the existing CONFIG.XML that is located on the controller.

  5. Reset the Display using M2Config. (Button in the Tools tab.)

  6. Connect to the display again using M2Config.

  7. M2Config is now able to modify configuration of the controller.

  8. Verify all M2Config settings - This step is very important as the CONFIG.XML we sent over will most likely have multiple items that are not correct such as Module Type, Height, and Width. Follow How to configure the standard settings for Commercial Galaxy Displays in M2Config, DD2241913.

  9. Close out of M2Config.

  10. Open Venus 1500 and attempt to connect to display.

  • If you receive more errors when trying to connect, Close Venus 1500.
  • Clear the "Nucleus.exe.config" file.
    1. Go to Windows Start Menu -> My Computer/Computer.
    2. 32 Bit - C:/Program Files/Daktronics
    3. Or 64 Bit - C:/Program Files (x86)/Daktronics
    4. Locate the following files in each folder and delete them.
    5. Nucleus Server Folder - nucleus.exe.config
    6. Venus 1500 v4 Folder - venus1500.exe.config
    7. Venus 1500 v4 Folder - mediakit.exe.congfig
    8. Content Studio Folder - contentstudio.exe.config
    9. It is required to stop the Daktronics Nucleus Server to delete the Nucleus Config.
      1. Follow How do I manually start/restart or stop the Daktronics Fusion and Nucleus Server and SQL Server? DD2236444

KB ID: DD2091280

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