Galaxy Display is Blank, Not Getting 120 VAC to Power Panel

Potential Symptom

  • Display is blank.
  • Unable to communicate with the display.
  • Unable to ping display IP.
  • No heartbeat is present.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: GS6, GalaxyPro Revolution, GP3, GP4 AF-3165, AF-3200, AF-3220, AF-3400, AF-340*, AF-3500, AF-3550, AF-3700, Electronic Message Center (EMC) or Board (EMB), Marquee, Readerboard
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus 1500, Venus Control Suite, Visiconn


  • Not receiving proper 120 VAC to power termination panel in the display.


  • Check incoming line for reason as to loss of 120 VAC.
    • Tripped circuit breaker at building or in Galaxy power termination panel.
    • Bad wire termination in panel at Galaxy.
    • Breaker is turned off.

KB ID: DD2084292

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