How do I troubleshoot in Visiconn if display is blank and a hardware issue is not suspected?


  • How do I troubleshoot in Visiconn if display is blank and a hardware issue is not suspected?


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Check the following in this order:
  1. Check Display Settings. From Display Owner Account click Administration -> Displays -> Click Display name link:
    • Check the Dayparts Tab for items such as, start & end times and slot duration. (Watch for long duration hold times such as 60 minutes and check for AM and PMs).
    • Check the zoning restrictions.
      • From Dayparts Tab click Hours of Operation, make sure no zoning is set to make the display blank on certain days or times.
  2. Check Sales. From Display Owner Account click Sales while in the Display Owner Account.
    • Check to see if there is current or active sales made to the display(s) or Groups in question by clicking the display name or group name and reviewing current sales transactions. 
  3. Check the Schedule. Click Switch Accounts browse for the Advertiser Account (can view this from Sales or Network Awareness) -> Click Schedule.
    • Check to make sure the playlist is Active. Check start/end dates and times (watch for AM and PMs), make sure "Don't Play" is NOT selected on creative needing to play. Make sure playlist is not set to be exclusive and doesn't have odd days or times to run.
  4.  Check the Uploaded Content (Must be in the account it is uploaded in). Click Media -> Media Library:
    • Make sure uploaded media items do not have Campaign Dates/Times set. 
  5. Check to see if display's supported media type is "Animation" (Only applies to V-Net and G-Net display types) or check to see if the "Allow content duration to differ from slot duration" is checked and is causing a possible schedule issue.
    • In Display Owner Account: Under Administration -> Displays -> Click Display name link.     

KB ID: DD2059720

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