Prices changing incorrectly, Wrong digit changes, Digit output swapped

Potential Symptoms

  • Price changes by 10 cents at a time instead of 1 penny. 
  • Price changes  by 1 dollar at a time instead of 1 penny.
  • Price changes by 1 dollar after a 10 cent increase or decrease.
  • Sections of the 9/10 digit will light or blank with each attempt at changing the price.
  • May notice incorrect price, but correct numbers.  Example:  1.23 showing as 1.32 or 2.13
  • Any digit stuck on 9.  Example: When line mapping may see L09, and doesn't change when trying to adjust.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000, FL-4500, FL-2000, FL-2100, FL-2109, FL-2300, FL-4000, DF-1020, DF-2000, DF-2009, DF-2100, DF-2109, DF-2300, DF-4000
  • Component: Digit, Driver
  • Control System: DM-100 handheld controlled (FLR3-1500, FLD3-2000 kits), FLR3-100 Key Fob (Wireless Communication Option)


  • Digit harness connections are swapped on the driver.


  • Connect the harnesses to their respective outputs on the driver.


  • FL-2000 driver digit assignment. 
  • Some of the FL-2000 drivers may be assigned J4-J1 not J1-J4.  Some testing may need to be done.
  • FL-3000 driver digit assignment.Fl-3000driveroutput.jpg 

KB ID: DD2003123

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