What is the "Create Playlist" Display Studio Command and how is it used?


  • What is the Display Studio "Create Playlist" Command?
  • How is the Display Studio "Create Playlist" Command used?


Display Studio playlists are used when you want to have multiple files play in succession with a single button. Create Playlist scripts will automatically loop the files back to the top of the list and start over. This feature is beneficial for creating Ad rotations, player introductions, crowd messages, etc.
** Daktronics recommends adding up to, but not exceeding 75 files in a single playlist. More files can be added, but functionality could be impacted. **
Display Studio with a DMP-7000 Player
  • Create a scripting button with a Create Playlist script to play a specified set of media files on one or more DMP-7000 signs in a specified manner. When this button is executed, the signs display queue(s) will be cleared, the playlist’s media files will be added to the queue(s), and the first file will start to play.
Display Studio with a DMP-8000 Player


  1. Right Click in the Scripting Container background and Choose New Button
  2. In Step 1, choose DMP-7000 Player Control or DMP-8000 Player Control script depending on which system you are using
  3. Step 2, select the sign(s) on which you want the files to be played by placing a check in front of the correct sign(s)
  4. Step 3, choose Create Playlist
  5. Step 4, select the Media Files by clicking the Add button to open the file browser. Locate the media file you wish for the button to play and click open. The Insert button can also be used to insert files into the playlist.
  6. Once the file(s) have been added, use the gear icon to determine content duration or run time(s). You can also use the gear icon to adjust each files audio settings. The check box next to each file indicates which files will be active or inactive when the button is clicked.
    NOTE: For DMP-7000 playlists, the gear icon will only give the repeat option to set the number of run time(s) for each file.

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