How Do I Move Sports Wire 4000 Out-of-Town Games During Interleague Play?



  • How do I even out the number of Out-of-Town games showing on two displays? The old method of entering the League ID (Example: 103, 104) in the Sports Wire schedule is no longer working.


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The Sports Wire 4000 InterfaceSM now supports a better method of handling interleague games when displaying out-of-town scores. MLB is used for the example below, but this can also be applied to MiLB. For more information about setting up interleague games, refer to Section 4.6 of the Daktronics Sports Wire 4000 Interface Software Operation Manual, ED-14778).

To access this feature:

  1. From the main application screen, click Driver Configurations for the MLB Data Driver.
  2. Click the Schedules tab, and then select a League from the drop-down list. A list of scheduled games will appear for the chosen league.
  3. The list of games contains a Group column. Enter the Command Name (from the main application screen) to assign games from one league command to be displayed together with another league.
Note: When sending interleague games to display, the commands for each league involved must be enabled on the appropriate output port. For example, if there was one scheduled "AL" game whose Group id was set to display with all "NL" games, both AL and NL commands need to be enabled to display every game correctly. 

The method above will still show the teams as being NL or AL. If the league needs to be something different for interleague games (say the background is different depending on AL/NL/ILG) you'll need version 2.0.22 and a few other changes. 
  1. Make a Command with the name you want to use (ex ILG) and pick a league that isn't going to be used. 
  2. Go to Driver Configurations and then the Leagues tab. 
  3. Change the name of the league you selected to be what you want to show on the display.
  4. Go to the Teams tab and select the league again.
  5. Delete any teams from this league so they do not display with the games you want. 
  6. Now go to the schedule tab and put the Command name in the GROUP field of any games you want in this interleague league. 

Note: ​Any games you do this to will now display using that Command as an output without enabling AL/NL Commands and will not display in their respective/original league. The Leagues will match whatever they were set to earlier.


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