​Daktronics Capacity Ensures Project Lead Times Remain Consistent

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Feb. 19, 2014 – Daktronics (NASDAQ – DAKT) of Brookings, S.D., announced today that the company has increased the through-hole video module capacity in our Minnesota facility to three times its previous output, ensuring project lead times remain consistent as the company grows.

"It is very important to our company that we can provide our customers with the products they demand in a timely fashion," said Vice President of Daktronics Live Events Jay Parker. "We're now able to produce more than 1,150 square feet of displays per day."

Daktronics has a culture of continuous improvement, starting with the design phase and moving through the production process and even working hand-in-hand with suppliers. Another area of focus has been to pull customer demand forward in the schedule whenever possible to be able to meet all customer demand, even during the peak seasons. All of the efforts to eliminate waste throughout the entire value stream will allow Daktronics to increase capacity to meet customer demands. 

"We've altered the production lines in Redwood Falls to accommodate the production of multiple types of products," said Daktronics Vice President of Manufacturing Matt Kurtenbach. "This flexibility allows us to schedule a greater variety of customer orders in that factory. Overall, these improvements have increased our capacity to produce multiple large orders during a single production season."

Daktronics employs high production standards with the tools in place to ensure that processes are repeatable regardless of the production facility. This consistency ensures that every order and every product meets the high standards and deadlines of our customers.