Venus 1500: Time, Temp & Date

How Do I Put the Time, Temp & Date on My Display?

This tutorial covers how to use the Venus® 1500 software to add time, temperature, and dates to your schedule. Using these elements draws attention to your message display. Adding public service messages can be a great way to stand out in your community.

Video Transcript

In this episode, we're going to create a basic message using the time, temperature and the date. Showing public service messages like this can be a great way to draw attention to your business. Begin by opening a new presentation in Content Studio. To do this, click on the Content tab and Create.

Once you're in Content Studio, you should see your display represented on the screen. Click on the Insert tab and then you'll see your three data fields, time, temp and date, on the ribbon bar. You'll notice you have several different options on the format for each of these. Just click the format that you prefer and that works best for the size of your display. You'll now see a yellow box with the data appear. Notice that I can move this box anywhere I'd like on the display to create a professional looking layout.

If I want to change the font size, click on the Home tab and then click the text drop-down. Only Venus 1500 fonts are allowed with the dynamic data fields. So I'll scroll to the bottom where the Venus fonts are, select the size and you'll notice that now my message isn't within the yellow parameters. I'll move this back towards the center of my display. Here I have a nice large message that drivers will be able to read from a long ways away. It's important to note that all of the yellow box for the data field needs to be within the outer yellow box which represents the size of your display.

Once I have my message created and looking the way I want it to, click on the application button in the top left and save the message. Once the presentation is saved, you can schedule it and begin informing audiences around your neighborhood. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.