Venus 1500: Sending in Scheduled Mode

How Do I Play A Presentation in Scheduled Playlist Mode?

This tutorial takes you through the steps to schedule a playlist with your Venus® 1500 software. Scheduling presentations in Scheduled Playlist Mode provides great flexibility for playing messages on your Daktronics LED display. A simple calendar view allows you to group presentations into multiple playlists that run at different times and dates.

Video Transcript

In this video, we're going to look at how to schedule a presentation when the software is set to scheduled playlist mode. To begin creating a playlist to schedule on your display, click on the Schedule tab at the top of the screen, click on Add and then Playlist. This will bring up the playlist creation window. To add presentations to the list, click on the plus (+) sign and this brings up the navigation window that allows you to navigate the different presentations you've created and saved. Say, for example, I want to create a playlist with my January specials. I'll go to my January specials folder, click on one of the presentations and then hold the control (CTRL) key. This allows me to select the other presentation as well. This way I can import multiple presentations very easily.

Once I have those selected, I click Open. You can see that now they show up in the list. I can also give this playlist a description. This way I can easily tell it apart from any other playlists I have scheduled on the display. In addition, I can give it a unique color. So again this example is only for my January specials, so I only want those to run through the end of January. So I'll set those to run until midnight on January 31.

Now if I wanted to have a recurrence on these, I can click on the Recurrence tab. You can see that I can set it to recur either weekly, monthly or yearly. It all depends on your preference or what you want to do with those particular presentations. So I'll check weekly. Say, for example, I only want these to run Monday-Friday. So what I would do is uncheck the box marked Sunday and Saturday. If I click OK, you can see they're not showing up in this view, but if scroll down they're only set to start at about 1:30 in the afternoon. This is because I didn't set my start time appropriately. To edit this, I can simply double-click on the playlist and this will open the playlist creation box. I'll click on the date and time folder and you can see that I need to adjust this to the beginning of the day. Now when I click OK, you'll see they show at the top of the screen indicating they're scheduled for an entire day.

I can also change the view and say go to a monthly view. I can now see the days that these presentations will be playing on the display. Now I also want to add in a time and date presentation. So I'll click Add and Playlist, click on the plus (+) sign, click on Time and Date and then Open. I'll give it a description and assign it a color. Now with the time and date, I usually prefer that to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I'll click on the play continuously box and then click OK. You can see that it now fills in the time and date and that will run continuously on the display. I do that usually in case I forget to schedule something else so the time and date will at least be running on the display so that its not blank.

To publish these to the display, I simply click the Publish button. I can check the status by double-clicking the status bar at the bottom. And there it went very quickly, I've already missed it. Close the progress window. If I go to the Home tab, I'll now see that all three presentations are currently running on my display. The two different playlists appear under the schedule. So again, on January 31 at midnight, this January specials will automatically stop playing on the display and only the time and date will playing at that time. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.