Venus 1500: Removing in Continuous Mode

How Do I Remove A Message in Continuous Playlist Mode?

This tutorial provides instruction on how to remove a message that is currently playing on your LED display. This process is different, depending on your scheduling mode. Please follow these instructions if you are using Continuous Playlist Mode that shows your schedule as a simple list of presentations.

Video Transcript

In this short video, we're going to look at how to remove a presentation from playing on the display when set to continuous playlist mode. I can see that I've got three running presentations on my display right now, but I'm no longer offering the special on snacks. So I need to remove that from playing on my display. To do this, click on the schedule tab at the top of the screen. Here I can see the three presentations again that are playing on my display. I'll click on Snacks and then simply the click the Remove button and this removes it from the playlist. I do need to republish this schedule to overwrite these changes, so I'm going to click on the Publish button.

It's going to give me a little warning message asking if I'm sure I want to overwrite the existing schedule. I do, so I'll click Yes. If I click the status bar in the bottom right, I can see that it's currently resending these presentations to the display. I can now close out of this window and go back to my Home tab and I'll see that the snack special has been removed. For additional training information, visit to see a list of additional training options and video tutorials.